Next Biosciences' partners with Adcock Ingram

By Next Biosciences

16 August 2023

Next Biosciences is thrilled to unveil its strategic partnership with Adcock Ingram as of July 2023, a renowned leader in the eye care field. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for both entities and is set to reshape the distribution and accessibility of cutting-edge biological ophthalmology products.


A synergetic partnership

The partnership between Next Biosciences and Adcock Ingram is poised to usher in a new era of efficiency and innovation in eye care. This exciting collaboration brings together the strengths and expertise of two industry giants, with each company playing a distinct yet complementary role.

With its deep-rooted presence and credibility within the eye care sector, Adcock Ingram will take on the mantle of marketing and sales for Next Biosciences' pioneering biological ophthalmology products: AmnioMatrix and OptiSerum. This move is set to harness Adcock Ingram's expansive market reach and intricate understanding of the industry, amplifying the visibility and accessibility of these game-changing products.

Meanwhile, Next Biosciences will continue concentrating on what it does best: manufacturing AmnioMatrix and OptiSerum in its state-of-the-art ISO13485 accredited laboratory. This laser-focused dedication to quality production ensures that biological products maintain their exceptional standards, guaranteeing the best possible patient outcomes.

Biological ophthalmology products: AmnioMatrix and OptiSerum

AmnioMatrix represents a remarkable leap in tissue regeneration and healing. Derived from the human amniotic membrane, it can promote healing, reduce inflammation, and enhance tissue repair in various ocular conditions. Its utilisation is poised to enhance recovery and improve patient outcomes, further solidifying its role as a game-changer in ophthalmology.

OptiSerum, on the other hand, is a testament to the fusion of advanced science and patient-centric care. This biological serum is meticulously designed to nourish and protect the ocular surface, relieving patients dealing with dry eye syndrome and other related discomforts. With Adcock Ingram's marketing prowess, this solution is set to reach those in need more effectively, addressing a crucial gap in the market.


In the dynamic realm of eye care, strategic collaborations often hold the key to unlocking new dimensions of progress. The partnership between Next Biosciences and Adcock Ingram is a prime example, where the fusion of industry expertise and innovative biological products promises to reshape the landscape of eye care in South Africa. Through this collaboration, AmnioMatrix and OptiSerum are poised to touch more lives, optimise healing, and drive efficiency in the distribution of critical ophthalmic solutions.