About Umbilical Cord Blood Serum

Umbilical cord blood serum, as the name suggests, is obtained from umbilical cord blood that remains in the placenta and the attached cord after childbirth.

The serum has been successfully used in the treatment of ocular surface diseases and dry eye – it is rich in growth factors, proteins and neutrophic factors that are crucial for corneal healing.

Next Biologics produces umbilical cord blood serum eyedrops known as OptiSerum.

Use Of Optiserum In Ocular Surface Diseases

OptiSerum is widely used in the treatment of persistent epithelial defects and indications such as the severe Dry Eye Syndrome.

In normal subjects, tears contain growth factors and components such as EGF, transforming growth factor β (TGF-β), vitamin A, neutrophic factors and cytokines that are essential for maintaining the health of the ocular surface epithelium; however, in Dry Eye Syndrome this function is severely impaired due to poor quality and/or quantity of tears. OptiSerum contains similar growth factors, proteins and Vitamin A to tears, hence it is effective in the treatment of ocular surface diseases.

Benefits Of Optiserum

  • Contains growth factors and crucial tear components required for epithelial renewal
  • Possesses a bacteriostatic effect due to anti-bacterial agents such as IgG, lysozymes and complement found in the serum
  • Confers no immunogenicity and particularly useful in patients with auto-immune diseases and those with poor general health
  • More effective than autologous serum eye drops in healing epithelial defects due to 2-3 times higher growth factor content
  • Does not contain any preservatives thus preservative toxicity can be avoided


OptiSerum can be used in any condition that may cause poor tear film production or a delay in wound healing of the eye, for example:

  • Severe dry eye syndrome with or without primary Sjӧgren’s syndrome
  • Ocular Graft-Versus-Host-Disease (GVHD)
  • Persistent epithelial defects
  • Chemical burns
  • Recurrent corneal erosions
  • Neurotrophic keratitis
  • Post LASEK Surgery
  • Post corneal transplant

How Is It Used?

Your Ophthalmologist will instruct you how to use the OptiSerum eye drops.

Recommended treatment is 1 drop in each affected eye, 4 times daily (1 bottle will last approx. 1 week).

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How Is It Stored?

  • OptiSerum is packaged in 5ml dropper bottles
  • Each bottle contains 4.5 ml cord blood serum (20% dilution with BSS)
  • OptiSerum can be kept up to one year in a home freezer (-20oC)
  • Once thawed and in use, the eye drops must be kept refrigerated at 4oC for a maximum of 7 days. Once a bottle is opened, it must be used within 7 days. If the bottle is not finished in 7 days, the remaining drops must be discarded. When a bottle remains opened for longer than 7 days, there is a possibility of bacterial and fungal contamination of the drops.