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By Shelley Bredin 2 years ago
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Netcells launches PrepaCyte-CB® Processing Technology – the first in Africa

Netcells is excited to announce the launch of a premium method for the processing of umbilical cord blood – PrepaCyte-CB®. PrepaCyte-CB (Cord Blood)® Processing Technology was developed in 2009 in the US, specifically for the processing of cord blood. It is a sterile, US FDA 510K approved closed processing system. Cryo-Cell was the first major cord blood bank to adopt this technology, and as such purchased the rights to it in 2015. They too were the first cord blood bank to separate and store stem cells, in 1992, and as industry leaders in Africa, Netcells has followed their developments with great interest to ensure we are always at the forefront of latest developments and providing the gold standard in stem cell processing.

One of the limitations of cord blood stem cells is the time to engraftment, as it takes slightly longer to rebuild an immune system them other sources of stem cells. However, with that in mind there advantages that cord blood has as a source of stem cells:

    • A complete tissue, Human leukocyte antigen (HLA), match between the recipient and the donor is not required with cord blood, only 6 of the 8 markers must match
    • There is a lower risk for graft-versus-host-disease, which is likely due to the cells transplanted from cord blood are more naïve and have lower HLA protein expression.
    • The stem cells are younger and have not been exposed to environmental stresses
    • It is readily available for use and collection is non-invasive and simple.

There are three main reasons why Netcells has chosen to adopt the PrepaCyte-CB® processing method:

Fastest patient recovery after transplants:.

Research has shown that cord blood processed using PrepaCyte-CB® following a transplant has a quicker time to engraftment. Which means the patients will spend less time without an immune system capable of fighting off infections.

Higher stem cell recovery:.

PrepaCyte-CB® recovers more viable stem cells than other processing methods. Data obtained from a study conducted by the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank, showed that PrepaCyte-CB® recovered the highest percentage of colony-forming stem cell units (CFUs), this currently is the best indicator of the potency of a stem cell unit.

Lower red blood cells.

PrepaCyte-CB® leads to better separation of the red blood cells from the plasma and white blood cells by a process called sedimentation. It creates a clear physical difference in separation of cell types, which means it is able to capture more stem cells whilst reducing red blood cells by up to 99%. Fewer red blood cells post-processing means fewer toxic side elements which can create complications in a transplant.

As Netcells continues to grow it is important for us to adapt and ensure we are adopting the best methods available and producing the best quality product that we can for our parents. Netcells has worked closely with Cryo-Cell this year to implement PrepaCyte-CB®, with our lab manager receiving training at the Cryo-Cell laboratory in Florida and receiving ongoing guidance from Cryo-Cell’s laboratory directors to maximise processing efficiency in our laboratory. We are excited to be adopting the processing method that Cryo-Cell has used for the last 7 years, and to be learning from an international industry leader.

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