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Pricing is determined by the country of birth (where the stem cells will be collected) as well as where they will be stored. If you are giving birth in another country (not listed on the above drop-down) then please contact Next Biosciences directly to enquire.

Please indicate below if you have stored with us before?

Please indicate below which medical aid scheme you belong to?

Members on selected medical schemes administered by Discovery Health qualify for the following discount off the Processing Fee:

  • 25% if paid upon registration
  • 15% if paid upon being successfully banked
  • 10% if selecting a payment plan.

Please note that the discount does not apply to the Registration Fee or Storage Fee. The discount is passed directly on to the member – no costs are paid out of the day-to-day benefits.

Enter a marketing promotion code below to recieve discounts off your purchase or Baby City vouchers.

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Only ONE marketing voucher or discount is allowed. Vouchers are issued upon successful storage of the stem cells.

Would you like to add Newborn Screening to your order?
Click here for more information about FirstScreen and Newborn Screening.

Please note that you will be requested to make payment directly to the Pathology Lab at the time of the blood sample collection. (approximately R1700).