Next Biosciences launches the first gut intelligence test in South Africa

By Shelley Bredin 2 years ago
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Science shows there is a clear link between an individual’s gut microbiome and his or her overall health, as well as it being strongly linked to most chronic diseases. To empower consumers, Next Biosciences, has partnered with Viome to distribute its Gut Intelligence® Test in South Africa.

Viome is a gut microbiome sequencing test that can identify living microorganisms in your gut, but more importantly, it can identify what these organisms are actually producing and whether or not it is causing your body harm. Based on this, you receive scores that provide you with a clear picture of how what you eat is positively, or negatively, contributing to the health of your gut microbiome and what you can do to improve it.

Analysing the function of your microbes means you can identify what metabolites your microbiome is producing and provide food recommendations that are right for your microbes in your gut. The foods recommended are intended to help your microbiome stimulate the production of healthy nutrients that your body needs right now, and minimize the toxins being produced which may be causing inflammation inside your body.

Because your gut is shaped throughout your life by things such as how much sleep and exercise you get, your levels of chronic stress, and of course, what food, drink and medications you ingest, the overall focus of Viome is lifestyle-based health care that can target and one day identify the underlying cause of illness and ultimately help with weight loss, sleep, mental clarity, digestive issues, your skin and more.

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