How it works

Create a gift registry

This entails registering to bank your baby’s stem cells with Netcells. Expectant parents need to make payment for the REGISTRATION FEE upon registration.

You will receive confirmation

Netcells will then email you confirmation of the registration with a unique reference number for your Gift registry.

Notify friends and family

You then have the option to email family/friends from the Netcells website notifying them that you have set-up a gift registry and giving them the necessary details should they wish to contribute towards the cost of banking your baby’s stem cells.

Add your gift registry details to your baby shower invitation

You may also add the details of the gift registry to your Baby Shower invitation so that instead of purchasing gifts, family or friends can contribute towards the Netcells gift registry.

You will receive a notification when a contribution is made

Expectant parents will receive emails notifying them once a contribution has been made towards their Gift Registry and they may also access the website at any time to view their progress and see who has contributed.

Contributors will receive thank you notes

Family and friends who contribute towards the gift registry will also be emailed a thank you note thanking them for their contribution.

When your registry is full

Netcells will notify the expectant parents if the full amount is raised and the gift registry will automatically be closed.