On the day of your scheduled freeze appointment at Medfem:

The semen sample will need to be collected at Medfem, where they have facilities for collection.

Please remember:

  • Collect semen via masturbation.
  • A three (3) day abstinence period is required (abstain from intercourse/masturbation) prior collection.
  • Wash hands and penis with soap and rinse well. Dry your hands and penis.
  • Do not use a condom as it will affect the movement of the semen and “kill” them. The withdrawal method is not recommended as fluids from the vagina will contaminate the sample. In exceptional cases, a safe, “non-toxic” imported condom is available at the Medfem accounts department at an additional cost.
  • Lubricants, such as creams, gels or soap and including saliva are to be used. Lubricants will also cause contamination. A special non-toxic mineral oil is available from the Medfem IVF laboratory.
  • Collect one ejaculate, directly into a labelled, sterile container given to you by the Medfem laboratory staff. The container must be labelled with your full name and your unique Next Biosciences number.
  • If any portion of the specimen spills during collection, please report to the Medfem laboratory staff.
  • Make sure the container lid is secured properly, so that there is no leakage.
  • DVD’s are available at the Medfem IVF reception and MUST be returned after use.

Once the semen sample has been received by one of their laboratory personnel, a Count and Motility Test will be done to ensure there are enough viable semen to store.

The semen will then be cryopreserved (“frozen”) at Medfem Clinic.

All cryopreserved (“frozen”) samples will then be safely transferred to Next Biosciences in Midrand, for final storage.