Certification is a company’s degree

By Celeste Smith 5 years ago
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Is a university degree still needed in today’s digital world?

With seemingly limitless information at our fingertips, a keyboard and the internet should, in theory, be able to compete with a formal education today. Does this mean that a university education is an unjustified expense in today’s world? This question raises heated debates across many industries, but those debates become suddenly less heated when it comes to one field in particular: Medicine. Would you let a self-taught doctor operate on you? What about if he gives you a list of books he’s read and video tutorials he’s watched? What if he tells you he is doing the operation by following along exactly according to the textbook? Not very likely.

For companies, certification and accreditation are our degree certificates. I might buy a pair of shoes from an uncertified company, but as soon as a product starts to affect my health or the health of my family, that piece of paper becomes very important. Then I want as many papers as possible showing that the company is not only following a set of rules, but that an outsider has checked and verified that the rules are being applied properly. I want to know that the company has been tested by someone competent to test them.

The rules medical companies use are laws, standards and guidance documents. Here are some examples of those:

At different levels these documents regulate how we control and manage quality and some even specify how we should source, process and test our products. We could tell you that we follow the rules… or we could show you our certificates*.

Abbreviations found in the diagram:

*Next Biosciences is certified according to ISO 13485 (Quality Management Systems – Medical Devices) and AABB Standards for Cellular Therapy. We are also licenced by the Department of Health. Our certificates are on our website. If you are looking for degrees you will also see plenty of those if you look at our people.

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